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Rob's Blog for Warwickshire County Council
Rob's Blog
  • Rob’s Blog
    (Tue, 11 May 2010)

    Hello everybody. I’ll get the boring bit out of the way first.

    My name is Rob Kerr, and I work for Warwickshire County Council, supporting people with learning disabilities to find paid jobs.

    I’ve been helping people find jobs for about seven years in Warwickshire, and the team I work with have been around for 15 years.

    In Warwickshire, we had lots of different ways of supporting people into work, but now we’ve all come together to form one team, which is called WEST (Warwickshire Employment Support Team). We’re all excited about becoming one team and were all working very hard for our launch on 10 May.

    I’ve been on the phone a lot the last few days phoning people to see if they’re coming to our launch and talking to other people who work for the council about what we do. I bet some of you people out there could tell us what to do and how to do it ha, ha!

    The people I work with have done quite well this week, we’ve managed to help people find work in care, and also in the offices of one of our local PCTs. When we find employment for someone, we provide a job coach, who will help and support the person to understand their role and become proficient (posh word for good) at the job.

    The support that we give will carry on as long as the person, their employer and we think it’s worthwhile to continue. After that, we still provide support, but it could just be a phone call or a visit if something is not working too well.

    Hope it’s not been too boring, you never know, by the time I finish I might even know what a blog is!

    If you want to know more about WEST you can follow the link on the real roles website to our website and if you have any questions about supported employment. (If you email us will try to answer as best we can) *


    How to start a good weekend? Our team have helped 4 people to find a job work this week!!!

  • Welcome to Rob’s blog!
    (Mon, 15 Feb 2010)

    Welcome to Rob’s blog for Warwickshire County Council.