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  • (Thu, 25 Feb 2010)

    Hello it’s Stuart here again. I’ve worked two nights this week so far and finished at 10pm on Tuesday and went for a drink in the bar with the other people from the kitchen who I work with which was good fun. This is my last night this week so I will pick up my pay slip tonight then it’s my birthday this weekend. Two of my friends will stay and we might go bowling on Saturday and then have a meal in the Premier Inn with my friends and parents, then I’ll open my presents on Sunday. Then it’s back to work next Tuesday.

  • (Sun, 14 Feb 2010)

    Hello, Stuart here, this is my first blog and I am going to dazzle you by saying I work in the hotel industry. I happen to be 22 and have a birthday coming up soon. Now what can I say about my job? I am a kitchen assistant at Rugby’s Premier Inn off junction 1 of the M6. It’s been 3 months since I started there, also I love the pay and everyone is great. Tell you more next week.  

    Hi there its Stuart again so is there any more to say about my job,  well Iwork from tuesday night to the thursday night  I do 15 hours all together but the times I work from are 6 to 11pm at night so they have me doing 5 stright hours on three nights a week . And its going really well , I went to London on thursday with my parents we had a good drive  down to London that’s what I did on my day off work so I should be back to work on the next tuesday then by the next thursday night before I come home I will pick up my pay check for this week. Any way that is all I got for today all the best Stuart bye bye for now.

  • Welcome to Stuart’s Blog
    (Mon, 04 Jan 2010)

    Welcome to Stuart’s blog at Real Roles.