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Salih 's blog for Hackney Council
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  • Salihs Blog for Hackney Council
    (Wed, 15 Dec 2010)

    Salihs Blog for Hackney Council.

    Hi it’s Salih.


    This morning me and my friends from the park were racking and blowing up the leafs. We used special clappers and a large white bag to put the leafs in then dumped them in the truck to be taken away.


    Tomorrow is my last day working in London Fields because my contract has ended. I going to miss working with the friends I made working there, but I will come back and visit them to keep in touch.


     I am also going to miss litter picking, because litter picking makes me happy to see that the park is clean.


    I want to wish everyone at London Fields and people reading this blog a Happy Christmas!

  • Salihs Blog for Hackney Council
    (Mon, 13 Dec 2010)

    Salihs Blog for Hackney Council.

    Hi  it’s me again. I had  last  week  off  and  I am finishing  my contract.

    Over the last six months I have learnt alot of different  Gardening Skills. I have learnt  how to plant bulbs, and the  different  names of plants. I have also learnt  how to use  different gardening equipment; such as, lawn mower ,hedge cutters.  During  the  summer  I was told  how to water the plants  from  top to  bottom,  so  the  plants  don’t  dry out.  

    I  feel sad that my contract is finishing  this  Thursday .

  • Salihs Blog for Hackney Council
    (Thu, 25 Nov 2010)

    This morning the weather was freezing and I had to wear my warm fleece for work. All the Parks staff wear a green uniform. The weather forecast for this weekend is snow. I think it shouldn’t snow until Christmas!

    Next week I am taking a week off work so I will not be writing my blog again until I get back.

    See you soon,


  • Salih’s Blog for Hackney Council
    (Tue, 23 Nov 2010)

    Salih’s Blog for Hackney Council.

    Hi, it’s me again.

    This morning it was freezing cold and foggy in the park. I did litter picking on my own. Sam, a Park Ranger was leaf blowing at the same time.

  • Salihs Blog for Hackney Council
    (Thu, 18 Nov 2010)

    Salihs Blog for Hackney Council.

    Hi, I’m back!

    Leaves leaves and more leaves!

    Yesterday we had 11 volunteers helping out in the park. They came from Deutsch Bank in the city. They were helping us rake up the leaves. We have borrowed a Trilo machine from Hackney Marshes which sucks up the leaves into a big container and squashes them down. I found out yesterday from my supervisor Paul Childs that the leaves are turned into mulch and it is spread on the flower beds to nourish the flowers and help them grow.

  • (Thu, 11 Nov 2010)

    On Tuesday morning the staff went to Hackney Town Hall for the Chief Executive’s Roadshow. It was about Council Services and the Council’s Budget. I found out who has the top job in the Council and it is Tim Shields the Chief Executive.

  • Salihs Blog for Hackney Council
    (Thu, 11 Nov 2010)

    Salihs Blog for Hackney Council.

    I was litter picking in the park this week and I found some used fireworks on the ground. There were Rockets and Catherine Wheels and  the grass was burnt where they had been lit. I think fireworks are dangerous especially for children.

  • Salihs Blog for Hackney Council
    (Tue, 09 Nov 2010)

    Salihs Blog for Hackney Council.

    It’s Autumn time and the leaves are falling off the trees in the park. There are thousands of them. My job is blowing them into piles, raking them and picking them up with special clappers. It’s back breaking work but I don’t mind doing it. I am going to ask my manager what happens to all the leaves after they are collected and I will tell you next time.

  • Salih’s Blog for Hackney Council
    (Wed, 03 Nov 2010)

    Salih’s Blog for Hackney Council.

    I start work at 7.30 in the  morning. Last week it was  pitch dark at 7.30 but the clocks went back 1 hour on Saturday night and now it is light at 7.30 again.

  • (Wed, 03 Nov 2010)

    Hi Everybody,
    My name is Salih and I work for hackney council parks department.This is my first blog. i Hope you enjoy it.