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Richard's Blog for Birmingham City Council
Richard's Blog
  • First blog – All Change!
    (Fri, 18 Jun 2010)

    Hi Everybody!

    Well this is my first blog ever so first to introduce myself. I work for Birmingham City Council as an Employment Manager which means that it is my responsibility to help people with disabilities into employment.

    I thought that I’d tell you about a government change that is having a  big impact upon my work at the moment which I think my have a big impact upon people with disabilities getting into employment soon too.

    The new government announced last week that lots of the programmes that are around to help people get into employment will be all put together to create a much bigger service called ’Work Programme’. This will aim to help people claiming Job Seekers Allowance or Employment Support Allowance to find and stay in employment.

    There are still lots of decisions to be made about what this new service will look like but I think it is safe to assume a few things; that it will support people for longer once they are in work, people will be referred to it earlier than current programmes allow and that people will be expected to take part in activities related to finding employment. I think the biggest change, however, is that when the government pays companies for providing this service, they will work out how much they are going to save through not paying benefits and pay the company accordingly.

    This offers some real hope to those of us who have long hoped that government will recognise that the importance of providing different levels of service to people depending on their need. Will this happen? It will involve a big change in the way people think but its Friday and the World Cup is on so I’ll remain optimistic! 

    Would love some feedback!

  • Richard’s Blog
    (Mon, 15 Feb 2010)

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