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Angela's Blog
Angelas blog at Real Roles
  • New Training Course
    (Thu, 25 Mar 2010)

    Hi it’s Angela again.

    Just wanted to tell you about a new training course I am doing. It is teaching me how to be a receptionist so hopefully I can get a job at a local day centre as their receptionist. So far I have learnt how to meet and greet people, how to update records and how to answer the phone to people. I am really enjoying the new challenge and it is giving me a lot more confidence. Write to you all again soon.

    Bye :)

  • (Wed, 17 Feb 2010)

    Hi it’s Angie here I’ve just finished work at the recycling project. Today I’ve done the washing up and cleaned the dining room and toilets. If I ever run out of any cleaning things I have to ask the manager to order me some more. I wear overalls and gloves when I’m cleaning for health and safety. Today I have had a good day with no problems. And now I’m tired and ready to chill out!! I’ll write again to you next week.

    Bye :)

  • (Mon, 08 Feb 2010)

    Hi everyone my name’s Angela.

    I have moderate learning disabilities but like to remain as independent as possible. I have done lots of voluntary work in the past but then decided I would like to do some paid work.

    I spoke to Breaking the Barriers and they found me a cleaning job at a local recycling project. I work two hours a day three days a week. I have now worked there for a couple of years and still thoroughly enjoy it. I also enjoy having more money to spend when I want.

    I am going to enter a blog every week to tell you all how I am getting on at my job!!

  • Angela’s Blog
    (Mon, 04 Jan 2010)

    Welcome to Angela’s blog at Real Roles.